MMU ikuzo!!

Assalamualaikum.. rasa dah berkurun tak kongsi cerita kat blog. isn't it? hehe~ well, now i'm currently and officially a student of Multimedia University (Cyberjaya campus). During three years,I'm taking Bachelor in Computer Science with specialization in either three;
i.Software Engineering 
ii.Information Technology
iii. Games Development
which only can be choose during my second year.
For this sem, I've to take only three subjects.Yes,THREE subjects only! which means i have plenty of time to socialize. Jeng3~ haha.*kidding*
During Orientation Days, I've met soooo many awesome people from different backgrounds, country, sizes, colors, bla..bla..bla..Seriously, for me, it is totally a whole new world, completely differ from what I've seen in UiTM and KUIS. And of course, every place has the dark side instead of good stuffs. in MMU, I think we can learn to be independent, and can boost one's confidence. Despite of those good qualities, the environment is not really Islamic (from my perspective). Well,it actually depends on how we,ourselves, coop with people around us. This can be my platform of Da'wah, isn't it? I may be a total loser and Jahil in Islam, but I can't stand looking at my friends who has gone too far from what we call "Islam as the way of life".So,this is the perfect time for me to share, to contribute something to our religion :)
Wish me all the best for my upcoming obstacles in MMU. All for the sake of ISLAM. Pray for me so that I won't stray from the right path. Thanks. Jazakumullahu khairan kathira~

p/s: takde masa lagi nak jenjalan amek gambar.hehe~


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