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Jeju Spring Trip


Hi guys, long time no see. How's life? How's imaan? Hope they are fine <3

So new entry today is about my experience of backpacking to Jeju Island, South Korea, for 6 days and 5 nights with my mum. I will also provide some tricks and tips, so be sure to take notes, okay.

How It Started...

Well, at first I was planning to go to Seoul with my cousins as some sort of stress-relief and also because I am going to be married soon, it will be more of a bachelorette trip, as funny as it sounds. lol. Being BFF since birth, but never travel together, this is a big thing for us. Unfortunately, the plan have to be cancelled. But anyway, since my heart still burning from excitement (must be from the coffee earlier) I want to go. No, I HAVE to go!

One day, I came across my friend's post on Facebook. She got cheap tickets to Jeju using her Air Asia Big Points. Her fb is Faridah Ainuddin, a friend from Foundation years at SIIUC. By that time, the ticket from KL-Jeju-KL i…

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