What is CM? stands for Carry Marks. Finally, our carry marks for this current semester were out. Alhamdulillah, i got quite satisfying marks for every subject, but we haven't got our Malaysian Studies and Arabic Language's CM yet. Huu.. Always hope for the best. My Mid-Terms were also quite good, except Malaysian Studies..which i got below 15.-.- (it shows how much i don't really like SEJARAH). But that subject is quite good anyway..especially when we learn bout the Cabinet and all the Ex Officio. (ngeh2..including that tudung) Ok2..Alrite, i won't mention that..

But, so far.. i've to be more careful and pay extra attention to the subjects like MPW, FTSP, and FTSC for my final... no more time for games.. its Study time! I've loads of books and papers in front of me, but i was distracted by you, Mr. Dell.. So, please get out of my sight for at least 2 hours..Thank You. ^^

btw, these are the subjects i'll be taking for the semester:
-FTSC 1103 (intro to comp)
-FTSP 1103 (Problem computer programming)
-FTSD 1103 (Mathematics..just like add math in high school)
-FLAB 1122 (Arabic Language..All SIIUC student must know arabic anyway)
-FLEE 1112 (English..Simple Pimple Dimple English)
-MPW 1133 (Malaysian Studies..Ohoooonoooooo)

that's all for now,bubyeeee...Wassalam.


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